Workshops for Working and Wannabe Writers!

I was so excited for this weekend. The calendar boxes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with appointments, personal tasks and the all-important drinking nights with fellow alcoholics. There was also an overnight trip to Tagaytay with several awesome high school friends (including two balikbayans). Basically, it looked like two and a half days of fun.

Then my body said “nu-uh”. And there’s absolutely no room for negotiation. So instead of being out and about (despite the cruel summer heat!), I’m indoors − sneezing and coughing and putting warm compresses over my left eyelid, which has been swollen since yesterday and is making me look like Pacquiao used me as a punching bag.

This latest body problem (which comes after this, which hasn’t really gone away) means no appointments, no errands, no drinkage, no out-of-town trip, no socializing. Grrrrreat. Can’t do much except accept it, get much-needed rest, and plan to make up for this sudden house arrest in the coming weeks.

My idea of rest: reading books, lounging around in bed, or catching up on my RSS and social media feeds. (‘Coz really, what else can you do?) It’s a good thing I’m doing the online rounds, too. Reviewed and replied to old e-mails and text messages (I’m the type who just skims personal messages and seldom replies), and saw updates regarding several writing workshops. May attend one or some of them − I think it’ll be a good way to make up for this ongoing inactivity. Plus I think my writing’s getting a bit rusty; a new perspective is needed. I thought maybe you’d be interested in these workshops, too.

Travel, Then Type

Are you doing anything on May 18, 2013? If you’re free, go to the flagship Fully Booked branch at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig; go up to the Atrium; and sit down and listen to Greg Bloom and the folks from Writer’s Block Philippines. They’re holding a travel writing seminar at 2PM, with a title that I think references Rob Thomas’ first solo single.

Found out about it through a friend who, like me, loves to travel (solo and/or with a group) and write. She’s already reserved a slot, but I’m  still on the fence about it. If you’re interested in attending the free Lonely Planet No More: A Travel Writing Seminar, just e-mail for seat reservations and other inquiries.

Start ‘Em Young!

I got this notice through my old work e-mail address. Good thing I checked it again or I would’ve missed this particular e-mail!

This next free writing workshop will be held in a week (April 20, 2013, to be exact!), and is spearheaded by Bronze Age Media. The company has held several successful “Author at Once” workshops, and now they have a one-day workshop specifically for young writers!

Author at Once: High School Edition, by Bronze Age Media. Poster from

For more information, visit Bronze Age Media’s dedicated event page.

Extra Education

Poster by Erickson Enriquez; H/T Ime Morales.

Two accomplished writers will hold workshops starting this Wednesday, April 17, up to May 14. Through their ad copywriting and basic writing (English and Filipino) workshops, Ime Morales and Ramil Digal Gulle seek to help fresh grads and those who want to improve their communication skills.

The workshops (PhP4,500 for 12 sessions on copywriting or basic writing) will be held at the Center for Blended Learning, in Cubao, Quezon City. If you have any inquiries, or if you want to reserve a slot, e-mail, or call (02) 725-7791 or 0917-860-0887. You can also click here to read the full write-up.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post.