Snippets #8.

A month after my last link list, Snippets is (finally) back!

Yeah. It’s a long list. Had to dig deep into my RSS feed, social media feeds and Pocket list to find the ones I found interesting and share-worthy. Then I had to review everything and trim the list down, which called for a few more hours of work. 😛 The links included here kept me reading, writing, WANTing, organizing, and planning during the holidays and in recent weeks; hope they do the same for you. Enjoy!

Oldies but goodies

December 2012

January 2013


One last thing

A good hour of mucking around on Tumblr led me to this site: TUEBL. Hello, more e-books! Y’all have two options: download e-books for free, or buy them through an online service. I like free things, but it’s also good to point out that writers should be supported by their audiences, and that their work should be bought through legal means. Yes, that means paying for them.


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Also, this edition of Snippets is not a sponsored post. The same goes for the blog entries that came before it.