Mytherotica, Oh My!

Things have been quiet on this blog, review-wise. Except for this one back in January, I haven’t been making any progress at all. I’m working on the backlog, along with other updates. Just so you know I’m not completely ignoring the blog.

I did manage one review last month, for the Philippines Graphic. The book in question? The debut mythology-erotica (or mytherotica) novel of the magazine’s associate editor, Alma Anonas-Carpio.

"How to Tame Your Tikbalang Without Even Trying" by Alma Anonas-Carpio.
Love the new cover by Rica Palomo-Espiritu!

Let’s get the biggest part out of the way, shall we? You read erotica primarily for the sex, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. How to Tame Your Tikbalang Without Even Trying doesn’t disappoint – there’s plenty of that throughout the novel’s 242 pages of content. They’re graphic and oh-so-racy, with the clear intent of stoking hearts, libidos, and body temperatures. Anonas-Carpio makes her main characters go at it in every possible position in every possible place: from her apartment to his house, from back seats to bathrooms, from private beaches to siokoy-owned love caves, and even from the real world to the Other World. Her vivid imagination gives us sex toys that exist in real life and only on every woman’s wish list; and her characters, enviable stamina and prowess that I doubt an actual living, breathing person has. Vines from magic balls, instant chains, lightning-powered dildos and a seven-stage sex marathon, oh my!


Basically, I liked it. But I also found several things to nitpick over… as always. You can read the full review on the Philippines Graphic, or buy its March 12, 2018 issue — it’s still in newsstands.

Also, three side comments:

  • I had no idea reviewing Philippine mytherotica could be so much fun! Or that it could make anyone feel so vanilla.
  • How would actual rated erotica-novel reviews go? “On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 meaning the novel got you off”? TMI or nah?
  • Here’s a question specifically for Amazon Kindle self-publishers. When you upload an updated version of your book, do readers have to pay again? Because I had to pay again when this book’s Kindle version got a new cover. I’m not complaining; just curious about what the policy is.
    • I ask this because I remember when Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur got a content update some years back — my Kindle app just downloaded the new version. No extra payments, no fuss.

Get the Kindle or print edition of How to Tame Your Tikbalang Without Even Trying on Amazon.

OK, back to your regular programming!