Remember my previous Trese reviews? I made a shorter version, and that made the pages of the esteemed Philippines Graphic back in August.

Trese 1-6
Put them all together, and… well, damn. That’s beautiful.

Read the revised review here, or visit National Book Store branches to get a copy of the Philippines Graphic‘s August 17, 2015 issue.

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Errrr, yeah, you’re gonna have to look for back issues. 🙂

Speaking of the Graphic… the 2015 Nick Joaquin Literary Awards is just six days away! It’s also the NJLA’s 25th year, so this May Day Eve-themed fete is extra special. Congratulations to all nominees, and looking forward to a fun night celebrating damn good fiction from the Graphic‘s pages.

A few months ago, I finally went ahead and applied for a spot in an MFA program. At the same time, an editor friend asked me to write a column for their magazine. Decided to write about the former for the latter, and the pitch was approved.

The article came out mid-July — and I found out I got in the program just several days after I got my magazine copy. Sweet. Back to school for me, then. Deferred enrollment due to a medical procedure, so I’m returning to the classroom in a few months.

So. That’s settled, then.

While I’ve decided to take the MFA route, I’m still in favor of taking short writing courses and workshops. Storywriting School has new courses on its calendar, with regular Palanca awardee Dr. Joachim Antonio in charge.

As of today, you can sign up for How to Write Plays for Theatre (September 26, 2-5PM) and How to Write Love Stories (October 24-31, 2-5PM), both at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

Go to storywritingschool.com for more details.

One last thing. I’m moving soon (with soon being anywhere from this month to maybe another year) and will need to say goodbye to some books. Thanks a lot, limited storage space.

Help me find a new home for these babies. Selling each book for P100, and series go for P300. All are in good condition, although some are really old, and have that yellow-pages-and-old-book-smell combo. But I know you like that. Am I right or am I right?

E-mail me if you want to buy one or some of them books. All unsold books will be donated to a library/reading center being built right now in Mindoro. Will post more details for that one when I get them, just in case you want to donate your old books, too.