The Bookish Weekend!

I’ve noticed (belatedly, I might add) that I’ve gone through a few big lifestyle changes as I got older. I’ve become an introvert and a homebody, and you (well, those who belong to my limited circle of friends/acquaintances) better have a damn good reason to get me to leave my apartment. I consider work, food, movies, drinks, and awesome conversations as valid reasons — of course, the company’s a given.

Books, art, learning, literature and history are great reasons, too. I’m happy I got all those the weekend before Typhoon Rammasun/Glenda hit the major Philippine island of Luzon (that includes Mega Manila). Time to get bookish!

Havin’ Me Some Brain Food

My last stop on a very busy and rainy Friday afternoon was The Mind Museum. Funny how I didn’t like going on mandatory educational field trips when I was a student, but I willingly seek out and go to places like this one as an adult.

This facility at the Bonifacio Global City (formerly Fort Bonifacio) has been open for three years now; and I’ve heard it mentioned in conversation for years. I think everyone I know has already been here, either for event coverage, or just to check out the different interactive exhibits.

Better late than never, I suppose. Friday marked my first solo and impromptu visit. I was in the area anyway, so I thought I might as well go, see what’s up, and test a smartphone while I’m at it.

The Planetary Poetry Board at The Mind Museum
This board gives you some handy writing cues.

As is usually the case with unplanned stops, it was a great call. One hour was enough for me to see everything, but I missed out on the Museum’s other presentations and interactive installations. The staff were also very friendly, attentive and helpful; and they have a knack for knowing when I’m about to ask questions or sneak a peek at the interactive areas. The all-day pass is a bit on the high side at PhP450, but considering the work and care put into the place and the content, I’d say it’s a fair trade.

I’m all for science and history, but what really got my attention were the exhibits related to the written word, all of which are at the Museum’s second floor. There, you’ll spot:

  • A life-sized replica of Johannes Gutenberg‘s printing press
  • A fun wordplay activity named The Planetary Poetry Board (you can even leave your composition behind too, so other Museum visitors can read it!)
  • An installation on humans’ growing paper consumption
  • A wall of literature passages chosen by notable Filipino writers Gemino H. Abad, Cesar Ruiz Aquino and Alfred “Krip” Yuson
  • Another wall where you can rotate white cylinders to see a sentence translated to English, French, Filipino and Braille
  • A few posters emphasizing the power of learning/education and reading.

I want to go back, preferably late morning to early afternoon, and with friends and/or their kids. (Speaking of kids, I also love that the Museum has a Junior Mind Mover program.) I also hope there are new/additional exhibits when I do get to make a return visit!

For those who haven’t been to The Mind Museum yet,  it’s at J.Y. Campos Park at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig — a few blocks away from St. Luke’s Medical Center, and within walking distance from Burgos Circle. My all-day pass says it’s open from 8:00AM-6:00PM, but the website says it opens at 9:00AM. Go to the website or contact the Museum via e-mail for more information.

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