A Quick Update.

Apologies for letting things go quiet over here at The Reading Spree yet again. July and August gave me a strict diet of projects, meetings and deadlines; it has become rare for me to have a few hours to kill and do whatever I want. It’s great because it means there’s constant work, but once again the reading list was unintentionally cast aside.

Am very happy to tell you that I’ve picked up the pace again. I kept switching themes, which really didn’t help at all. Finally settled on the third book review theme, and there’s significant progress with this one.

Also, I found a contributor for this blog! 😀 You’ll find out who the contributor is very soon.

September’s going to be a fun one for readers and writers, events-wise. I went to the Manila International Book Fair back in 2010, and hauled several good finds back home. Was absent last year; I’m considering going back this year for more books to get me back on track. Depends on the schedule… and my mood on that day.

Here’s the poster for this year’s MIBF. (Source) You can also get the schedule for special events during the MIBF from the source link.

While you’re marking your calendars for the MIBF, here’s something that you can check out this coming weekend. Publishing house Visprint is holding its second annual readers’ day, called Writers in Talks (WIT), this September 8 at the Alphaland Southgate Tower in Makati.

(Landmarks: Alphaland Mall, MRT Magallanes Station and Magallanes Bridge. For those who like to refer to landmarks that aren’t there anymore [like me], it’s across the site of the burned-down Mantrade Building.)

JPEGs from the Visprint blog.

Hope to see you at WIT and MIBF! 🙂