“Burn, Baby! Burn! The Great Bookay Ukay Sale of the Century 2.0”

[There’s a part of me that doesn’t really want to hit the “Publish” button for this blog entry, and for one very selfish reason: if I write about it, then more people will come and I’ll have less books to choose from. 😉 Then again, people deserve to know about awesome (secondhand) book sales like this one.]

I love buying books online, especially hard-to-find titles and secondhand gems. I don’t fuss about the physical condition of the books being sold; as long as I can still read the pages, I’m all good. Over the years, I’ve formed a short list of reliable online sellers that give me good prices and are very easy to deal with. I haven’t made any online purchases this year, but when that time comes, I know exactly where to go.

One of the first online bookstores I patronized is Bookay Ukay. The folks behind the popular Quezon City bookstore would post individual photos of their stuff on Multiply; and customers would fill out an order form, leave comments or send private messages through the Multiply system for book reservations. Once payment has been made through G-Cash or bank deposit (Metrobank), they will send over your books via 2GO. Quick and easy!

They’ve since moved to Facebook (here and here), and the store’s growing popularity has generated a lot of print and online coverage. For those who want to do “old-school” book browsing, you can go to 55 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City.

If you have any free time from July 6-8, you should head over to Maginhawa: Bookay Ukay will have what its owners call “Burn Baby! Burn! The great Bookay Ukay Sale of the Century 2.0“! That means huge discounts on everything the store has on hand. If you already have plans for next weekend, well… f*ck that. Fix your schedule and go to Bookay Ukay anyway. (Hope to) See you there, and happy book hoarding! 😉